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Helping stray animals

To find homes for stray friends and to stop the cycle

Fostering stray puppies

During covid, we started our journey of being a foster home for stray puppies. We fostered a total of 7 puppies, with the last two joining our family in the end! From feeling sad after seeing the first puppy leave us to his forever home, to getting excited for our foster puppy to be adopted, it was a very rewarding experience for all of us especially for our kids. All these puppies were rescued from remote villages or junkyards in the countryside by LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity) and we are forever grateful for their tremendously hard work.

the puppies...

Peanut (joined our family)
Truffle (joined our family)

Stop the cycle...

To reduce the suffering of stray animals, it's even more important to reduce their number by desexing. Charity organizations like Animal Friends are working hard to help desex stray animals. Sometimes, the animals have owners but they are allowed to roam free for whatever reasons. Volunteers for Animal Friends would go to talk to these owners and persuade them to let their animals get desexed.

How are you helping?

Thanks to your support, we finally have the ability to make regular donation to wonderful animal charity like LAP and Animal Friends here in Hong Kong. Our mission is to help as many fur friends as we can to give back to the animal community. Every quarter, we will be donating a percentage of our profits to various local animal welfare organizations. By simply making a purchase at Bashtags, you are already helping in saving and healing so many stray friends.


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